Courtyard Holiday Rental & Apartments

Courtyard Holiday Apartments Booking conditions.

Standard booking conditions (for Courtyard Holiday Apartments)

These standard conditions are between the owner of the property Courtyard Properties ( Belper) Limited (trading as Courtyard Holiday apartments)

(“we”, “us” and “ours”) and the person who books the Property (“you” or “yours”)

  1. Definitions  

“Booking Confirmation” means the form on this website which you are required to complete when making a request to book a stay at the property confirming your contact details, the period of your stay and the Rental price.

“Rental price” means the total cost payable by you stated on the booking confirmation.

  1. Booking the Property  

 2.1 You must be over 21 years of age at the time you submit the Booking Confirmation and as the person completing the Booking Confirmation you will be responsible for all the person’s staying at the property.

2.2 After completing and submitting the Booking Confirmation, the rental price is payable in full.

2.3 Please make payment of the rental price by:

2.4 Bank transfer or the Stripe account.

3. Cancellation terms:

3.1 A minimum of two weeks’ notice is required for cancellation of your booking before the arrival date for a full refund. 

3.2 Less than two weeks’ notice and more than one week’s notice 50% off the full booking fee will be charged.

3.3 One week’s notice or less than 100% of the rental price will be charged and no refund given.

4. What’s included

4.1 The Rental Price includes the cost of electricity and water consumed during your stay. Towels, Bed Linen, tea towels, cleaning cloths and some toiletries will be provided. There will also be coffee, tea, milk etc for your arrival.

5. Occupancy

5.1 Unless otherwise agreed with us, the Property will be available from 3pm on the first day of your stay and must be vacated by no later than 11am on the final day of your stay.

5.2 We will email you instructions for your check-in prior to your stay. There is a key safe available for late check-ins.

5.3 During your stay, you agree that:

5.4 the number of people staying at the property does not exceed the number stated in the booking confirmation;

5.5 you will show due consideration for the other occupants of the other apartments within the Courtyard;

5.6 you will not smoke (including any electronic cigarettes) in the property or in the communal staircase;

5.7 you will lock the external doors of the Courtyard premises at all times;

5.8 you will deposit of all of your rubbish in the bins provided in the Courtyard;

5.9 accidents excepted, you will keep the property and its fixture and fittings and other contents in the same condition as it and they are found at the beginning of your stay and leave the property in a tidy state. You will not be required to carry out a deep clean of the Property at the end of your stay as this is the responsibility of the cleaners we employ.

6. Not suitable for animals 

7. If you cancel your booking

7.1 Please notify us ASAP by email if you need to cancel your booking. The cancellation will not become effective until we have received your cancellation notice. 

7.2 If we receive your cancellation notice:

7.3 more than 14 days before your stay, we will refund your payment (less any Stripe fees) OR

7.4 14 days and up to 7 days before your stay 50% of the Rental Price will be charged (plus any Stripe fees). OR

7.5 7 days or less 100% of the Rental Price will be charged and no refund given.

7.6 We recommend that you purchase insurance against the risk of you having to cancel your booking.

8. If we cancel your booking

8.1 We may cancel your booking in the unlikely event that the Property becomes unavailable as a result of the occurrence of any event(s) beyond our control or reasonable contemplation (such as flooding or fire). We will advise you of the occurrence of any such event(s) as early as possible and refund you all sums, we have received from you in respect of the Rental Price less any Stripe fees. You will have no further claim against us.

9. Wireless Internet

9.1 Superfast broadband is available at the Property, subject to you agreeing to the following:

9.2 we are unable to guarantee the availability of the service at all times and in all parts of the property and we reserve the right to modify or temporarily suspend the service without notice to you for technical repair and you will not be entitled to any compensation if you are unable to use the service for any reason

9.3 internet security shall at all times be your responsibility; we are not responsible for the security of any information which you transmit or receive using the service;

9.4 you must keep the password confidential; and

9.5 you are responsible for all activities that you engage in when using the service and liable for any loss or expenses which we may suffer or incur as a result of your actions.

10. Confidentiality and Data Protection

10.1 Any personal data you provide to us, and any information we provide to you, shall remain confidential and will not be disclosed to any third party or used for any purpose other than for or in relation to your stay at the Property.

10.2 In order to allow you to stay at the Property, we hold the following personal data:

10.3 your name and address;

10.4 your email address; and

10.5 your contact telephone number(s).

10.6 Your personal data is processed onto our systems and is continually backed up onto secure storage using the latest technology.

10.7 We will not transfer your personal data to other parties unless it is required for or in relation to your stay at the property. Your personal data will be handled in accordance with the guidelines of the General Data Protection Regulation 2018 and only as far as necessary for or in relation to your stay at the Property.

11. Our liability to you

11.1 We will not be liable to you for any death, personal injury or loss of or damage to your personal property except where it results from our negligence.